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     A brief introduction to SUNTECH MACHINERY CO. LTD.

     An integration of production and trade, SUNTECH MACHINERY CO. LTD, located in China' beautiful city of Wuxi with convenient transportation and well-developed local economy, has a long history in the manufacturing and sales of a wide range of measuring instruments, cutting tools and hardwares for various industrial purposes.
     Ever since its establishment decades ago, SUNTECH MACHINERY CO, one of the most competitive of its kind in China, has attached such great importance to technical upgrading, product development and optimization as well as quality control that it has set up a worldwide network of sales covering Europe, Russia, north America and Asia, with all its products enjoying a high reputation among the customers throughout the world.
     SUNTECH MACHINERY sincerely looks forward to establishing a friendly and cooperative relation with all personalities of various walks of life both at home and abroad on the basis of mutual trust and mutual benefit so as to make joint efforts for a brilliant future.



ADD:Anzhen Industrial Park, Wuxi, China P.C:214105
  • digital vernier caliper high precision with four buttons
  • digital vernier caliper with four buttons
  • Digital vernier caliper with IP54 water proof. made of stainless steel
  • Digital vernier caliper, with 3 button,ip54, made of stainless steel
  • Heavy duty vernier caliper type 3
  • Heavy duty vernier caliper type 4
  • Heavy duty vernier caliper type 5
  • Depth gauge DG1819
  • Mono block depth vernier caliperDG1820
  • Screw type depth vernier caliper with hook